Features - comparison between CardManagement Classic and Extended Editions


Classic Edition

Extended Edition




Size selection : CR80 – standard (HDP) – slim (CR79) – custom  (settings edit box)

Orientation selection : portrait – landscape


Magnetic stripe encoding

Mifare – reading, internal variable and/or connection of internal number (unprotected sector - UID) to database

Mifare/Desfire – reading and writing password protected sector

(under development)

Other standards RFID by command-line or plug-ins

(under development)


(under development)

Conditional field

(under development)

beID – internal variable and/or connection of Belgian electronic identity card variables to database

Database connection : direct xls /xlsxmdb/accdb with special field creation capacity (concatenation)

Database connection via ODBC

Set fixed background colour or image (a variable background image can be created using a graphic object linked to a variable)

Barcode generator for fixed barcodes or connected to a database field

Internal fields : counter - date – invite and compound fields

Creation of fixed or variable text objects

Automatic text reduction function

Creation of Graphic objects, fixed or variable and/or linked to next image capture

Text orientation : vertical or angular




Mode Preview / Normal



Database display form with editing and navigation tools

Table mode

Search filter

Report list printing

Setting of page layout file by default on opening

Photo capture tool from file, webcam, Twain or identity card reader

Automatic cropping function

And/or manual proportional cropping

Crop result saved under a name appearing in a field of the base (folder path is configured in configuration module) or integrated into base (.mdb - .accdb)

Visitor management in combination with SelfRegister Visitor module

Automatic or manually confirmed badge printing

Visitor presence management (Check-INCheck-OUT)

Colour-coded presence visualisation table







Consult and adjust parameters

Restricted access to certain functions by group

Restricted access to configurations by password

Setting default directory paths


Compatibles ID Card Printers

• HID Fargo HDP5600

• HID Fargo HDP5000

• HID Fargo DTC4500

• HID Fargo DTC1250


Operating Systems

• Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 3

• Windows Vista® (32-bit ou 64-bit)

• Windows® 7 (32-bit ou 64-bit)

• Windows® 10


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